Testing soil

Today students from Harper Adams came in and helped us with our Science work on testing the ph of soil types. We collected soil from around the school and from Morrells Wood Farm and used soil specifically used to plant seeds and seedlings.

We used litmus paper to test whether a soil was acidic or alkaline. We also used an electronic tester.



Shakespeare at the Farm!

We used feathers and ink to write Shakespeare style sonnets. We found it quite hard to write using the feather and ink.

It kept dripping!

Morrells Wood Farm

We went to Morrells Wood Farm today. We collected together lots of different natural materials and used these to create our own masks based on the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Harper Adams

Students from Harper Adams came in again today to work with us on our farming award.

We have been looking at ways to extend the growing seasons for crops.

Planting outside

We have been growing bulbs inside our greenhouse. Today we planted them outside.



In science we have been investigating materials. Today we made predictions about materials we thought would or would not dissolve. We then tested them.

Costume designs

We have been designing costumes for characters from Shakespeare plays.

These are some of our designs.

Measuring for costumes

As part of our work on Shakespeare and his plays we have designed our own costumes for different characters from his plays.

We have then worked together to measure ourselves so that we have accurate, fitting designs


Comic relief

To help raise money for Comic Relief we wore red for a small donation.

Parts of a flower

In our Farming award we have looked at the parts of a flower.
We used lilies to look at their parts.

We cut them open to see what was inside.