Writing code

We are writing our own code to create our own version of a game.


We have been learning about democracy as part of our work on Ancient Greece. It was also 100 years ago that women in Britain were first given the vote.

Here we are voting in class.

Greek mythical creature

During his own time at home, Connor has designed this great mythical creature. It is based on a wolf.

I wonder if it will have any special powers?


We needed to look at code that had been written and work out why it was not working. This is called ‘debugging’. We have to try each step to find the problem. It needs patience and an attitude of ‘keep on trying’.


We have been using code to write a set of instructions.


Abi has made this ‘loom band rope’. She needed lots of patience to keep on going.

Well done Abi


We had to roll out the dough using rolling pins. This makes the dough flatter and thinner, then we can cut it to shape.


We mixed together water, butter and plain flour to make the dough for our jam tarts. We had to mix it together and then kneed it to make it stick together.

Jam tarts

We made jam tarts this week. We used strawberry jam as we had grown strawberries over the summer.

Heartbeat data

In Science we are looking at how we can keep our bodies healthy. We know that exercise is good for you.

We have been testing our heart rates before and after exercise.