Potato salad and herb tasting

We made potato salad using the potatoes we grew. We also used herbs we have grown and tasted each example. These graphs show which herb our class preferred.



We found a female spider that had an egg sac attached to her. Yesterday we saw that this egg sac had hatched and there were all these little spiderlings.


Harvesting our potatoes

This week we harvested our potatoes. When we dug them all up we had more than 40!

We are going to be using them later in the week for potato salad.

Making music

As part of our work on presentations we have created our own short piece of music.

Weight and Gravity

Did you know every object on Earth is affected by the force of ‘Gravity’?

This force pulls objects down. The weight of an object is actually the measure of the gravity acting on an object. This is measured in newtons.

We used a newton meter to measure the weight of objects.


We have been measuring forces.

Do you know which force Isaac Newton identified?

How did he discover this force?

The Khalsa

As part of our work on The Khalsa we acted out parts of the story of how The Khalsa came about.



The Khalsa

We have been finding out about the Sikh tradition of The Khalsa.  We researched the story of The Khalsa and identified the objects that are worn today by members of the Sikh religion to show they are part of the community.






In science we are working on Forces.

Do you know which forces are around us?

Oracle bones

In the Shang Dynasty they used Oracle bones to ask the Gods questions. They have some very early examples of writing on them. We have made our own Oracle bones using clay.


Real oracle bones would have been made from Ox bones or turtle shells.