Our natural shelter

We have completed out shelter.

Roman style shelters

We are trying to make roman camp style shelters.

What did the Romans use to build their camps?

What would we use today?


We went into the woodlands to look for different natural building materials.

Roman style houses

We have been looking at different houses/structures from the past. We are trying to create our own model of a roman soldier camp.



We have designed our own roman style mosaics.

We are using coloured tissue paper to make our own.

Enjoying our reading

Tim and Lauren enjoyed spending some time in Reception today reading the story ‘Dinosaur Roar!’ to the children.

The children really enjoyed listening to the story and asked some very sensible questions.

Which dinosaur was your favourite?

Expression and feelings

We are looking at how we might show our feelings using our facial expressions. Sometimes we can easily tell how someone is feeling – other times it can be quite hard.

Can you tell what we may be feeling from these expressions?

Sponsored Run

Today we went on our sponsored run around the school field and playground.

We are raising money for Operation Christmas Child.

How did the run make you feel.

Using a protractor

We ahem been measuring angles. Harjot is helping show us how to measure accurately using a protractor.


We have replanted our seeds today. Hopefully we will still have enough good weather.

Can you remember what plants need to grow healthily?