Lavender flapjacks

We created lavender flapjacks today. We used porridge oats, golden syrup, mixed fruit and lavender flowers.

Lavender Lemonade

We have used lavender to flavour our own home made lemonade. Different groups had different colour lemonade – it was because they used different amounts of lavender. More lavender made it darker purple.


Cooking with Lavender

Did you know you can cook with Lavender?

Can you find recipes that include Lavender?

Operation Christmas Child

We have filled our boxes ready for them to be sent to children around the world.


Filling our shoeboxes

Today we filled our shoeboxes with gifts ready for them to be collected.

Outdoor measuring

Today we found different ways to measure large spaces. We used toe to toe footsteps, fingertip to fingertip arm span and large strides to measure the outdoor areas.

Colour wheel – Science

To help show how white light is made up of different colours we made our own Newton Disc. As you spin the disc fast it blurs all the colours together to make white.

Lavender pillows

We found out the lavender can help you sleep. We made our own small lavender pillows that we can hang in our rooms to help us.

Cooking with Sage

As part of our work on herbs we have cooked with Sage from our own plants.

We made spaghetti in sage butter with cheese. It tasted great!

Science Investigation

We have been finding out about light. Today we found out that light travels in straight lines. We then used a prism to try and identify the colours in the light spectrum