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We used our sense of taste to try and establish the herbs and spices that were used in the curing.

As a class we thought the chilli salami was the best – we liked the ‘hot’ taste it left us with.

Which was your favourite? Why?

Testing our senses

As part of our visit with Will from Shropshire Salumi we used our sense of smell to see if we could identify the different herbs and spices used in the curing.

Can you name any from these photos?

What did they smell like?

Cricket Fun

We enjoyed playing Cricket today.

Here is Lewis having fun!

Cricket House Tournament

Today we had our Cricket House Tournament.

Well done to everyone!


Well done Amy for working hard on multiplication calculations.

Farm visit

On Wednesday we visited Great Wollaston farm. Here we are making our way through the crop fields to look at the wildlife in the hedgerows.

Dairy farming

At Great Wollaston Farm the cows are dairy cows. These cows are milked and the milk then goes off for butter, cream, cheese and margarine.


Mini beast hunt

While at the farm we went on a short mini beast hunt to see what we could find. Rob, the farmer, leaves part of his field as a wild area so that it encourages lots of different wildlife.


Great Wollaston Farm

We visited Great Wollaston farm. Here they have dairy cows and arable crops.

Courgette Cake

We have planted courgettes.

This week we decided to make a sweet dish. We made courgette cake!