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Book characters

Today we dressed as characters from books. Our class author is Michael Morpurgo and we have been reading Friend or Foe.

This is about two evacuees in WW2 who find a crashed German plane and help the pilot.

Lots of us dressed as characters from this and from other Michael Morpurgo books.

Potato Floddies

Today we made WW2 style potato floddies. (They taste a bit like hash browns!)

We had to scrub the potatoes, grate them and then mix them with flour. 

Root hairs

Today we researched the roots of a plant to find out what they do to help keep plants alive. We found out they help to absorb water and nutrients from the soil and help take them around the plant. The roots have hairs on them which help the plant to reach as much water as it can.

We magnified the roots to look at these hairs in detail.

Battle of Britain

We have been finding out about the Battle of Britain. We listened to air raid sirens, the sound of Spitfire aeroplanes taking off and speeches by Winston Churchill.

We then thought of all the feelings and emotions the sounds made us think of and feel.

Silhouette images

We have been designing our own silhouette images of the bombing of London during The Blitz.

Maths and The Blitz

We have been finding out about The Blitz.

We researched the distances German bombers travelled from an airfield in France (Juvincourt) to drop bombs on the different UK cities.

We then used these in our maths to calculate the furthest distance the planes could travel in one go and whether they could make return journeys.

Rainforest data

As part of our work on our Farming and Countryside Award we have been investigating photosynthesis.

We have been linking the process of photosynthesis to saying why rainforests are so important and should be saved.

WW2 Vegetable and Oatmeal Stew

We made vegetable and oatmeal stew. We have been growing parsley and onions in school and so we added some for flavour to our stew.

W e also added green beans because we like the taste of these and have grown these before.


Shadow School Council

We have been holding elections for our Year 5 Shadow School Council.

Well done everyone who has taken part! 

Our class debate

Today we took part in a class debate. We had to try and persuade the ‘other side’ that we were right. We were debating what David and Tucky should do having found the crashed German Pilots.

Should they help them or hand them in to the authorities?