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Well done Tyler! Spelling Champion!

Today we held our whole school spelling ‘bee’.

Congratulations Tyler on becoming the winner of the Year 3/4 spelling competition.

Dragon Music

As part of our work on the Shang Dynasty we have been creating our own music based on our ideas of ‘dragons’.

What sounds do you think would represent a ‘dragon’?

How might it sound when it moves, breathes, eats or roars?

Science tests

We have been testing the effects of friction.

We measured the time taken for the toy car to stop and the distance it travelled. We changed the surface the toy car travelled along.

Which surface do you think created the most/least friction?

Testing Friction

In science we have been testing the effects of friction.

Which surface do you think would be the best at slowing down a toy car?

Which do you think would be the worst ? (Create the least amount of friction?)

Grass, tarmac, carpet, plastic, varnished wood?

Can you explain why?

Throwing competition

This is Ewan getting ready for the whole school throwing competition.

Super technique Ewan!

Scientist Lauren!

Lauren has been testing water resistance out at home by making and testing  different types of boats.

Well done Lauren!

Water resistance

In science we are investigating forces. We have designed and made our own boats to test.

We are going to test whether they float or not, by looking at and changing their shape.

Dragon masks

As part of our Shang Dynasty topic we have been finding out about why dragons are important and then designing our own dragon masks.

Honesty and truthfulness

We have been thinking about what it means to be honest and truthful.

These are some of our ideas.


What ideas do you have about what it means to be honest and truthful?

Oracle bones

We have designed our own oracle bones to ask the gods questions.

They are based on oracle bones from the Chinese ‘Shang Dynasty’.