We have been using similes in our writing to help create descriptions.

Can you think of a simile to describe a ‘frog’, a ‘bear’ or a ‘tree’.


We have used leeks in our lentil stew. We thought these smelt like onions!

Do you know which vegetable the leek is related to?

Lentil Stew

We have prepared our own lentil stew. We used potatoes, leeks, carrots and lentils.

Cooking award

As part of our cooking award we are learning to use different techniques for cutting.


In PE we are playing Rugby. We are learning how to move with the ball and how to pass the ball between players.

True meaning of Christmas

In RE we have been thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. We have been thinking about ‘gifts’ we can give each other but that these are not actual presents. They might be doing a kind act for someone, giving a compliment or remembering to use our manners.



Using clay

We have used clay to make our own Roam style busts. We needed to draw out our portraits first – looking at the face and head from all angles – and then created a 3d version.

Gifts for others

As part of our RE we have been looking at ways we show care, kindness and love towards others. We have talked about gifts that we give and share with others and that these do not always  have to be actual, physical objects. They can be kind words or kind acts.

Today we have filled our shoeboxes with presents and gifts to send to children who do not have the things that we do. We hope this offers a kindness to others.


Operation Christmas Child

Today we prepared our shoeboxes ready to fill them with gifts for children around the world who do not have as much as we do.

Remembrance Poetry by Lucy