Plant sale planting!

We are getting ready for our plant sale!

Pentatonic scale

In music we have researched pentatonic scales. They are still used today in Chinese traditional music.

Coding and debugging

We have been debugging code to find out why it would not work.

We looked at code and had to work out why it would not work. We wanted Sphero to make a square. We had to test out our ideas and then improve the code to make it work.


Day and night

We have been finding out why we have day and night.

We have day and night because the earth rotates and one side then faces the sun (daytime). The other side facing away from the sun has night time.


We have made animations to explain how shadows are made.

They are made when an object blocks light from travelling through it. The light rays cannot travel through and the darkness that the object creates is its shadow.

Using a protractor

Today we have been using a protractor to measure angles.

Can you remember the rules for using a protractor accurately?

Testing the pH of soil

We have been testing the pH level of different soils.

Do you know the level for acidic soils?

Do you know the level for alkaline soils?

The Highwayman

In literacy we are reading the poem: The Highwayman.

What did you think of the poem?

Which was your favourite verse? Why?


Roman numerals

In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals.

We have used them to identify amounts and to calculate using add and subtract.


Short stories

We have been writing our own short stories based on ones we have been reading.

We looked at the structure of the stories and then planned our own using the same features.