We have been practising our cutting and grating skills by making Winter Red Coleslaw.

We added all the mustard we could. It was hot!

Freeze Frames

We have been acting out scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This is a freeze frame of Lysander, Hermia, Helena and Demetrius seeing each other after the fairies spell has been removed!

The Battle of Shrewsbury

We have been researching the events of the Battle of Shrewsbury.

We found out dates, the key people involved and what happened in the end.

Data handling – Population information

We have been researching the history of Shrewsbury as part of our work into the Battle of Shrewsbury and King Henry IV.

We have been using the population data from different times to identify how the town has grown.

Hamlet: Claudius poetry

We have written our own poems about Claudius, the evil King in Hamlet. We have written them in the style of the poet: John Agard.

Growing our own food

We have planted our seeds for food we are going to be using in our cooking.

We have planted leeks and radishes.

Debate For and Against

In literacy we have been writing statements we can use in a debate. Some of us thought about the ‘for’ argument and others thought about the ‘against’ argument.

Hockey Competition

We enjoyed taking part in the Hockey House Tournament. We had to remember all the skills we had been taught and then put them together in to a game. It was very exciting!

House Tournament

On Monday we took part in the house tournament for Hockey.

We really enjoyed putting our practising and skills into action.

Well done everyone who took part!

Prospero spells

We have written and recorded our own versions of the spell Prospero may have used to call up the Tempest.