Well Done Mackenzie!

Well done Mackenzie on being the ‘Wombridge Primary School Chair Champs Champion’ this term!

Your superstar!


Plant sale

Today we had our plant sale.

We have grown lots of different vegetable and flowering plants ready to sell.

These are our runner beans and courgettes.

Aiden’s artwork

We have been studying artwork by Georgia O’Keefe.

This is Aiden’s artwork in the same style.

Athletics competition

On Wednesday the Year 5’s took part in an athletics competition. Well done to the Year 5 Athletics Team!

You did us proud!

High Jump – Well done McKenzie

Today we had our high jump competition.

Well done McKenzie for being KS2 champion!


We took part in the whole school throwing competition today.


Well done everyone who took part!

Sports day

Today we held our sports day. We have been practising the different races.


Well done everyone who took part!

Thermal insulator and conductors

We have been investigating materials as thermal conductors and insulators.

We have carried out investigations using ice cubes and then seeing if we can slow down the process of melting.


Science investigating


We used filter paper to separate sand from water.

Separating materials

This week we have been investigating the ways we can separate different materials. Here we are sieving two dry materials. One is larger than the other so it will not go through the holes in the sieve.