Reading musical notes

We have been using our work on musical notes to ‘read’ the music for song of The White Cliffs of Dover.

We have then used the keyboard to play these note while we try and sing the words!


Propaganda posters

We have designed our own WW2 style propaganda posters.

WW2 Woolton Pie

We have cooked a recipe from WW2. Different foods had to be rationed so different ingredients had to be used to make the meal better or to add flavour.

We used potato to help make the pastry and added marmite for flavour!

Our aspirations

We have been thinking about our aspirations for the future and what jobs and careers we want to have.

What do you want to do in the future?

What career do you want to have?

How will you get there?

Loudness of an air raid siren

We have been listening to the sounds of the Blitz. We heard the sound of an air raid siren. We found out that a siren is heard at 138 decibels from a distance of 30 metres away. We tested different ways to make loud noises and then measured these to identify the loudest.

The loudest sound we could make was 85 decibels at a distance of 14 metres!

Reading in the library

We have been to the library to spend some time looking through the books and choosing our favourites to read.

Who is your favourite author?

Harvesting and preparing our gardening beds

We have been cutting back and harvesting our vegetables that have grown over the summer. We are then turning over the soil and getting it ready for the winter. We think we will need to add some nutrients to the soil to replace those that have been used by the growing plants. We are going to need to add compost to our soil.

Working as a team

We have been getting to know each other by playing team games and solving problems working as a team.

Welcome back!

Welcome back Class 7!

This term we are learning about Britain in Conflict and the key events of World War 2.

Our author this term is Michael Morpurgo and we are starting with his book: Friend or Foe.

Holiday projects

We done everyone who has completed their holiday projects. Some lovely work has been produced!