We have made our own coleslaw. We used lots of different types of cabbage and added carrot.

We then mixed in mayonnaise.

Jobs in the past

As part of our PSHE work we have been finding out about jobs people did in the past.

Did you know people used to have to go out at night and light the gas street lights!

What other jobs did people have that don’t have now?

Planting Peas

We have been planting our peas outside.

We have put pansies around them to try and encourage good insects.

Flowers for good insects

We have been finding out about flowers that encourage good insects into our gardens and the greenhouse.

We have been looking at: Marigolds, Snapdragons and Hollyhock.

Baked Courgette

We have planted Courgette. To see what they were like we created cheesy baked courgette.


We tasted different things to find out if we could say when something was sweet, sour, salty or bitter



This week we used courgette, different types of tomatoes, potato and leek to make different recipes.


We have been adding compost and nutrients to the soil to help make sure our plants will be healthy.

This leaf litter will rot down over time in our compost bins. We can then add this back to the soil to help feed the plants.

Getting ready to grow

We were really pleased to see the sun out this week. We have been able to get out and do some weeding and get the vegetable beds ready for planting!

What will I be…

Welcome back.

Our topic this term is all about what we want to be in the future.

What do you want to be…

What will your journey of life be?