Shang Dynasty – China

In our topic work we are looking at the Shang Dynasty. We have been using atlases and maps to locate China, it’s main cities and where the Shang Dynasty would have been.

Can you name any cities in China?


Mini-beasts – Science

We caught mini-beasts while pond dipping. We then looked at these creatures under a microscope to find out: how many legs they had, what their body structure was like and to look at how they moved through the water.

Eating insects

While we were at Harper Adams we found out about how we can use insects to get protein in our diet.

Harper Adams – Where does our milk come from?

Leah is using the ‘Milking Cow’ at Harper Adams to find out what it would be like to milk a cow.

Today we have machinery that milks the cows for us. It is much quicker and

much more efficient.

Harper Adams – Exotic Zoo

On our visit to Harper Adams we got to hold different animals from the Exotic Zoo.

Welcome Back – Summer Term!

This term our topic is ‘The Shang Dynasty”.

What do you know about The Shang Dynasty?

How to train your dragon!

How class author this term is Cressida Cowell.

We are reading ‘How to train your dragon!’

Which of the books is your favourite?

Who is your favourite character?

Stained glass windows

We looked at the stained glass windows in the church at Battlefield and then drew our own.

Visit to Battlefield Shrewsbury

We visited Battlefield in Shrewsbury today. This is where it is believed King Henry IV fought for his crown against Henry Percy.

We walked around the site of the battle.

Testing soil

Today students from Harper Adams came in and helped us with our Science work on testing the ph of soil types. We collected soil from around the school and from Morrells Wood Farm and used soil specifically used to plant seeds and seedlings.

We used litmus paper to test whether a soil was acidic or alkaline. We also used an electronic tester.