Science investigation

We are investigating how plants can be grown without needing certain things.

We are going to investigate whether a plant will grow with red light only, without soil and whether plants can be propagated without using seeds but from an adult plant.

Our ideas are to try and help grow more plants, in a range of different places to help ensure we have enough food to feed the world.

The Tempest

We have been learning songs linked to the story of The Tempest.

We know the story has magic, revenge and disaster in it.


How to use an apostrophe

We have been learning about how to use an apostrophe.

We know that the apostrophe is used for omission and possession.

Omission: this is when a word is a contraction. Two words have been put together and shortened. Can not = Can’t.        Do not = Don’t.

Possession: this is when the apostrophe is used to show that something belongs.

The boy’s coat.        The witch’s hat.

Class Author

Our class author is Marcia Williams. A lot of her books are stories retold as comic strips.

Which book do you prefer? Which is your favourite story? Why?




Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

This term our literacy work is based around Shakespeare stories.

Which is your favourite play? Why?

Which character do you like or dislike the most?


We have been using similes in our writing to help create descriptions.

Can you think of a simile to describe a ‘frog’, a ‘bear’ or a ‘tree’.


We have used leeks in our lentil stew. We thought these smelt like onions!

Do you know which vegetable the leek is related to?

Lentil Stew

We have prepared our own lentil stew. We used potatoes, leeks, carrots and lentils.

Cooking award

As part of our cooking award we are learning to use different techniques for cutting.


In PE we are playing Rugby. We are learning how to move with the ball and how to pass the ball between players.