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We have used our coding skills to make devices which move in some way. We can then control this movement by altering the code.

Writing code

We have been writing code to create our own food and farming based games.

You have to be clear in your instructions so that the computer knows what to do when something happens.


In computing we have been creating our own games using coding. You have to instruct the programme and tell it what you want it to do when something happens or something is pressed.

We can move then character move, make a noise or repeat a phrase.

Coding on Scratch

Today we have been coding on a program called Scratch. Lots of us chose a Christmas theme.



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Researching Anglo Saxon Towns

Today we have been using the iPads to research local Anglo Saxon towns.


What local Anglo Saxon towns did you find?


Today we have been using a program called Scratch on the MacBooks to do some coding.

IMG_7463 IMG_7459

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