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This week we used courgette, different types of tomatoes, potato and leek to make different recipes.

Jam tarts

We made jam tarts this week. We used strawberry jam as we had grown strawberries over the summer.

Greek yogurt

Today we tried greek yogurt and honey.

Greek yogurt is a little sour. The honey made it much sweeter.

Our lettuce

Today we used our own lettuce we had grown outside our classroom to create an anglo-saxon style salad.

We used eggs, mustard, lettuce, spring onions and vinegar.




Ancient Greek recipes

What recipes would you like to try next?

What did the ancient greeks eat?

Is there anything we would not eat today? Why?IMG_0179.JPG


We have made a greek salad and the batter for ancient greek honey and sesame seed pancakes.

The olives were not so nice!



Year 5/6 Farm Visit

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Today years 5 and 6 visited Morrell’s Wood Farm. We had a great day playing a ‘live’ version of the Anglo-Saxon battle game we played on our trip to the Anglo-Saxon museum in Stoke. After lunch the year 5’s baked … Continue reading

Bean Picking

Today we picked the beans that we have been growing in our outside learning area. We chopped the beans ready to use in our cooking next week.

IMG_7446 IMG_7450 IMG_7453

Can you think of a meal we can cook using our freshly picked beans?

Anglo Saxon Menu

Today we used the MacBooks to research what crops the Anglo Saxons planted and ate. We also researched how they transported their food. We then used the information we gathered to design our own Anglo Saxon menu. 


What food is on your menu? 


Cooking risotto. 

Today we were cooking Risotto.We use courgette , tomato , spring onion we went and harvested our own runner beans , vegetable stock and onion. 

By Demi Stevens.


What vegetable would you add to the Risotto?