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Farm visit

On Wednesday we visited Great Wollaston farm. Here we are making our way through the crop fields to look at the wildlife in the hedgerows.


We have been adding compost and nutrients to the soil to help make sure our plants will be healthy.

This leaf litter will rot down over time in our compost bins. We can then add this back to the soil to help feed the plants.

Getting ready to grow

We were really pleased to see the sun out this week. We have been able to get out and do some weeding and get the vegetable beds ready for planting!

Jam tarts

We made jam tarts this week. We used strawberry jam as we had grown strawberries over the summer.

Lavender Lemonade

We have used lavender to flavour our own home made lemonade. Different groups had different colour lemonade – it was because they used different amounts of lavender. More lavender made it darker purple.