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Science – Classification

We have been using sorting keys to help organise living things and classify them according to given features.

We then created our own questions to help organise and sort others:

Collecting our own data

We have been collecting our own data using our skipping. We have to skip for one minute. We take our heart rate before and after and then see of we can improve the number of skips we can do.



This is Annabelle’s data so far.


Negative Numbers

In maths we have been working with negative numbers. We have used them in temperatures.


Where else might we see negative numbers?

Outdoor measuring

Today we found different ways to measure large spaces. We used toe to toe footsteps, fingertip to fingertip arm span and large strides to measure the outdoor areas.

Rounding numbers

Today we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and nearest 100. Next time, we are determined to be able to round to the nearest 1000. 

What is 765 rounded to the nearest 100? 

Equivalent Fractions

Today we have been learning about equivalent fractions and we enjoyed colouring in our fraction walls. We are determined to be able to find equivalent fractions using our 6 and 8 times tables.


What is an equivalent fraction of 2/3?


We have been learning about the different measurements of a circle. We used a compass to draw circles and find their circumference, radius and diameter. 

 How do you find the radius of a circle?