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Science – Classification

We have been using sorting keys to help organise living things and classify them according to given features.

We then created our own questions to help organise and sort others:

Separating materials

This week we have been investigating the ways we can separate different materials. Here we are sieving two dry materials. One is larger than the other so it will not go through the holes in the sieve.


what will happen – blue light?

As part of our investigation into light and what plants need to grow we have planted seeds and are going to test whether they will grow under different types of light. These plants are under blue light.

What do you think will happen? Why?

The heart

To help prepare for the sponsored skipping next week we have been finding out about the heart.

Can you answer these questions:

How many times does your heart beat in a minute?

How big is your heart?

How many chambers does the heart have?

A Very Eggy Science Experiment

We have been soaking eggs in vinegar since before half term and today we used them in a science experiment. We assessed the damage to the eggs and saw how much they bounced when dropped from different heights.

Thinking about LEAD, does anyone aspire to be a scientist?